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What is Flow Manufacturing?

What is Flow Manufacturing?

So the other day one of my guys came up to me and asked, what is Flow Manufacturing? As you can imagine, in my head I was torn because on one side I was thinking “SERIOUSLY!!!!! WHAT IS FLOW MANUFACTURING? WHAT IS FLOW MANUFACTURING? SIX YEARS we have all these examples of FLOW MANUFACTURING right here at ROF and countless trainings and you are asking ME what Flow Manufacturing is?” On the other side I was thinking “SERIOUSLY!!!! You want to know from ME what Flow Manufacturing is, how much time do you have because I would love to show you all the examples we have here at ROF. ” Of course, as you know, I am like a little school kid who knows the answer to the question the teacher just asked….oh! oh! oh! I know the answer, I know the answer, pick me, pick me. Funny thing happened as soon as my guy saw my face light up he was exactly like the kid in the class who doesn’t know the answer dropped his head and mutters under his breath uh oh, don’t pick me, don’t pick me. So I get into my college professor persona, where my voice becomes really deep, my shoulders are back and my head held high, this way I can appear like I am looking down with authority and I said…… “Now Bobby what you must understand is, THE POWER OF FLOW MANUFACTURING is in the simplicity of the complexity…..” and just then the realization hit me…..WHAT AM I TALKING slots ABOUT! This isn’t how I learned Flow Manufacturing or how I became passionate about it. I didn’t learn flow from “Professor I KNOW EVERYTHING.” So my inner voice yelled out “KNOCK IT OFF”, of course by the look on Bobby’s face and the fact he covered his ears it was more than my inner voice that yelled. At that moment I regained my composure and simply showed him different areas where we use flow manufacturing as well as areas of improvement. It was then he started to understand the true power of a System….. The true power of simplistic methodology that allows us to move product through each of the processes without adding unnecessary steps, work or stoppages. It just smoothly FLOWS THROUGH ROF….. Does that make sense to you? How about I take some pictures and I will show you what I mean, would that be helpful? Keep an eye on my Blog and I will post the pictures!

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