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Boost Comfort And Productivity With Ergonomic Office Chairs and Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic furniture can be an important investment into the health and productivity of your employees, and in turn, your business.

Hours of repetitive hand and arm movements, combined with sitting still for long periods, can lead to office workers suffering from fatigue, feeling numbness or tingling in the arms, or experiencing a sore lower back. Outfitting your office with ergonomic office chairs and desks can help raise the comfort level of your workers, prevent repetitive strain injuries and increase employee productivity. When it comes to ergonomically designed furniture, ROF offers a large selection of new, used, and refurbished furniture such as adjustable desks, chairs, and tables.

Discover the Best Ergonomic Chairs for Ultimate Comfort and Support

At ROF, we carry some of the top brands of ergonomic furniture like Herman Miller, Allsteel, HON, Haworth, and Steelcase. In addition, we choose only the highest quality office furnishings for resale and then inspect each one to make certain it meets our high standards, thus ensuring your selection will last years of use. You can be confident you made the right decision in purchasing comfortable and durable ergonomic furniture from ROF.  Find the perfect fit for your office space with the best ergonomic chairs and desks today. 

In choosing your ergonomic office furniture, it’s important that it has features that will help employees maintain proper posture, including:

  • Chairs that have supportive armrests, a comfortable seat, and height adjustability to allow feet to be positioned flat on the floor
  • Desks that provide enough clearance for both the knees and legs
  • Desktop space roomy enough to comfortably reach phones, keyboards, and accessories

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