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Remanufactured Herman Miller Office Furniture for Sale from ROF

Globally recognized as one of the top manufacturers in furniture and more, Herman Miller has a flawless reputation for high-quality ergonomic office furniture. Exceptionally beautiful yet durable, remanufactured Herman Miller office furniture for sale at ROF offers the best of both worlds, and ROF Furniture is proud to offer a wide selection of their products, including:

  • Office desks
    • Executive Desks
    • Reception desks
  • Conference room tables
  • Office chairs, including remanufactured Herman Miller Aeron chairs
  • File cabinets
  • Office cubicles
  • Cubicle partitions
  • More!

What sets ROF apart from competitors is that we offer used Herman Miller office furniture for sale at up to 80% off the price of buying new. Offering both used and refurbished, ROF can work with you to meet any budget. Plus, when you choose to buy from us, we include our cubicle layout and design services at no extra charge, making your life that much easier. Add the elegance and classic styling of Herman Miller office furniture to your work environment with ROF.

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Some of our Remanufactured Herman Miller Products

629 | Rof Inc

Modular Furniture

One of the major benefits of modular office furniture is that the office furniture system can be tailored to fit individual and changing needs. Herman Miller modular office furniture provides the quality and craftsmanship of their brand with the accessibility and adjustability of modular office furniture.
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Herman Miller Cubicles

Herman Miller cubicles and our other brands provide your employees the privacy an open office space can’t afford them. ROF Furniture also provides you with a series of accessory choices to compliment your cubicles. You can accessorize the cubicles with shelving, a 2-way corner connector, a 3-way T connector, opaque view-through panels, coordinating pedestals, and so much more. We can customize our furniture to suit your requirements and taste.
Aeron Chair By Herman Miller Lumbar Carbon | Rof Inc

Aeron Chairs

One of the most popular chairs of all time, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has a wide and devoted following, and for good reason. This office chair is one of the most comfortable ever made. However, the Herman Miller Aeron chair extends far beyond simple comfort, and it actually reduces physical injuries resulting from lesser-advanced chairs. 
Ochair Kd 8147 Bk 00 | Rof Inc

Eames Chairs

At ROF, we carry the Herman Miller Eames chair in both gently used and remanufactured options, making it available for any budget. We also offer quick, affordable shipping right from Tampa, Florida, so no matter your location we can get your Eames chair to you in no time at all. From California to Arizona, New York, and beyond, ROF is here for you.

Herman Miller Embody Green Product Image 1024X1024 1 | Rof Inc

Ergonomic Chairs

Perhaps best known for the exceptionally popular Aeron ergonomic chair, Herman Miller ergonomic chairs are some of the highest quality available. Designed with extreme attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and fine materials, Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs provide beauty and comfort for years. Beyond looks and durability, ergonomic chairs have many benefits, including reduced muscle strain, headaches, and overall increased comfort and employee morale.

We can help furnish your office space sustainably by using remanufactured Herman Miller products.

Used Herman Miller Furniture:

Office Chairs to Desks

Herman Miller is a household name when it comes to furniture, and a revered name among furniture designers and artists around the world. As one of the first companies to produce modern furniture, Herman Miller manufactures the Equa chair, Aeron chair, and Eames Lounge Chair. These famous Herman Miller office chairs have drawn so much attention and business because they are the first chairs designed with comfort and user equality in mind. It provides ergonomic comfort and support regardless of a person’s job, status, or size.

Among our large stock of Herman Miller used furniture, a top seller remains the Aeron chair. Available in three sizes, it is fully adjustable based on the height and size of the sitter, and can be further customized through lumbar and sacral support extensions. The seat and back are made of a stretched, semi-transparent, flexible mesh called Pellicle. This is one of the excellent options for anyone who wants an ergonomic office chair that will provide years of comfort.

Used office Herman Miller furniture is a real bargain at ROF. Because it is used or remanufactured, our Herman Miller office furniture is priced substantially lower than brand new office furniture. Since ROF is firmly dedicated to providing quality items and outstanding customer service, our used Herman Miller furniture is like new. We make sure all of the used Herman Miller furniture entering and leaving our Tampa, Florida headquarters is in pristine condition and will withstand years of regular use.

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