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Frequently Asked Questions.

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This is office furniture that has been used and then restored to “like-new” condition. It involves replacing fabric with brand new fabric and professionally powder coating all metal pieces. The end product is in like-new condition and the manufacturing process can be applied to cubicles, seating, files, peds and any metal furniture.
Re-manufactured and used office furniture gives you the quality of new at up to 80% off the price! So you save money by buying discount furniture without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.
There isn’t just one but rather many.. For starters, we do all our remanufacturing in-house, so our costs are reduced. This allows us to offer you even lower prices. We also use exceptionally efficient and environmentally friendly methods for our refurbished office furniture, such as powder coating, which means paint lasts longer than traditional methods without the excessive waste. And our 120,000 square foot facility lets us store more furniture and serve a wider base of customers. In other words, we probably already have or can easily get the furniture you want.
ROF offers an asset recovery, known as our buyback guarantee, project management, office furniture moving, furniture installation, cubicle refurbishing, furniture key shop, cubicle layout & design, powder coating, and cleaning of office cubicles.
We will buy it back from you. We’re proud to offer our buyback guarantee. Often, we will actually buy your old office furniture from you which allows you to put the money towards your purchase of new, pre-owned and/or remanufactured office furniture. We’ll also remove your old office furniture and install the new set.
ROF services large, nationwide offices as well as smaller offices. However, we typically do not work with small office furniture changes, such as replacing a single desk.
Simply put, it means the office furniture is sold in exactly the condition it is when it comes from the previous office. Many times, this furniture is not in bad condition.
ROF is dedicated to delivering your office furniture promptly. Our strategic location near the Port of Tampa, coupled with our expansive 120,000 sq ft facility, ensures a continuous stock of new, used, and remanufactured items ready for dispatch. What’s more, our in-house fleet of moving trucks gives us an edge in speedier deliveries compared to others. However, please note that delivery times might differ depending on your location and order details. For precise delivery estimates, reach out to our expert sales team at (813) 248-5612.
Yes! ROF has a 120,000 square foot showroom and remanufacturing facility in Tampa with samples of used and re- manufactured office furniture. We offer showroom and warehouse tours by appointment only. To schedule a time, please call us at (813) 248-5612 to be connected with one of our knowledgeable sales associates.
That’s a great question! We’re committed to providing our customers with the best price possible. Our costs fluctuate due to a number of variables, and when we get a good deal, we want to pass the savings on to you. Also, if you are buying a large quantity of furniture, we often are able to offer a discounted price. For an exact quote, please call us at (813) 248-5612 to be connected with one of our knowledgeable sales associates.

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