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Delivery and Installation.

Timely Delivery, Expert Installation.

At ROF, we take pride in offering a comprehensive and seamless delivery and installation process for our new and remanufactured office furniture. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals ensures that every piece of furniture reaches its destination on time and in impeccable condition. With careful attention to detail, we meticulously plan the installation process to minimize disruption to your workspace. Whether it’s setting up cutting-edge workstations or arranging remanufactured pieces to align with your sustainability goals, our commitment to efficient, reliable, and tailored delivery and installation remains unwavering.

Asset recovery, otherwise known as buy back, is an important reason why ROF is one of the best office furniture remanufacturers in business today. Not only do we buy back your old furniture when you purchase new or used office furniture from us, but we offer asset recovery services even when you don’t make a purchase. Plus, we send our signature black and red trucks out with our courteous and professional asset recovery team to remove your furniture for you, so you can stay concentrated on the business of your business without worrying about the hassle of moving furniture. Whether you’re moving to a new location or just replacing your worn out furniture, ROF’s quick and convenient asset recovery services are invaluable to any office.
Here at ROF, we know that any move or change in office furniture and layout is time consuming and can easily become a hassle that takes you away from focusing on the profitable side of your business. Not only do you have to move all the old furniture out, but you then have to create a plan to conveniently fit all the new office furniture. That’s why we offer our exclusive project management services to help you throughout the process. Our project management services ensure that you get the quality furniture that you deserve without the hassle. First, we work with you to buy back your old furniture. Then, once you’ve decided on the new and/or used office furniture that you’d like, we consult with you and create a stategy to make sure that your office will be set up properly and to your liking. Finally, we move your office furniture in for you with our professional and courteous team. Because we sell all types of furniture, our team is trained to install a wide variety of brands and styles, including Herman Miller, Haworth, and Steelcase. Plus, because we use our own team rather than an outside contractor, we can offer a lower price than other remanufacturers, as well as our signature customer service. We don’t consider a job done until you are completely satisfied, and our project management services ensure that we maintain our high level of customer satisfaction by letting you remain involved without taking up all your time.
ROF Furniture is absolutely obsessed with customer service and satisfaction. That’s why we offer our cubicle configuration services for free when you buy office furniture from us. Our services allow you to simply choose the furniture you want without worrying about where to put it or how it will fit.
Whether you’re looking to buy new furniture or get rid of existing furniture, office furniture liquidation and ROF can help you. There are two sides to office furniture liquidation: those looking to get rid of furniture and those looking to purchase liquidated furniture. ROF can help you with both. If you have an office with furniture that you don’t need or want anymore, then office furniture liquidation can help you. Rather than paying for someone to come and take your furniture away or lugging it to the dump yourself, you can take advantage of ROF’s asset recovery services, in which our fast and professional movers come and remove your old furniture at no cost to you. Plus, when you buy furniture from us, we often credit your account for the old furniture, reducing the cost of re-outfitting your office. On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase office furniture, then our office furniture liquidation services can provide you with high-quality furniture at low prices. Oftentimes, furniture from office furniture liquidation is in almost new condition. However, because it has been used, it cannot be sold at full retail, and is instead offered at a fraction of its original price. This means that when you buy furniture from office furniture liquidation sales, you get the best of both worlds: well-built furniture and economic pricing.
Everyone knows that office furniture moving takes away precious time and money from businesses. That’s why ROF offers fast, professional, and courteous office furniture moving services. We have a fleet of our signature black and red trucks ready to assist in any sized office furniture moving process. Plus, because we use our own team to do all the moving, we can offer a lower price than many other furniture remanufacturers, many of whom don’t offer moving services at all.
Whether you just want to change the locks onFile Cabinet & Desk Key Shop your furniture or you’re buying some of our quality used or refurbished office furniture, ROF’s Tampa furniture key shop ensures your security with over 10,000 keys. All of our key shop employees are trained and experienced to maintain our pursuit of perfection.
As anyone who has ever used an aerosol can or paintbrush can testify, painting can be an extremely messy and wasteful process. For this reason, ROF uses powder coating for our refurbished office furniture. By using powder coating, ROF can nearly eliminate waste, since any excess paint can be reused. This not only reduces the cost of refurbishing, which is then passed on to you, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Plus, with powder coating, the paint bonds molecularly to the material it is used on, resulting in an extremely durable and beautiful finish that’s exceptionally hard to scratch.

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