Blended Design

An Economical
Approach To Creating Inspired Workspaces.

Blended Design breathes new life into any workspace environment by blending new, existing and remanufactured office furnishings.

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Blended Design is the best option for businesses looking to maximize their budget and help meet their organizations sustainability goals.

Economical. Efficient. Environmentally Friendly.

Blended Design takes a fresh approach to updating your existing furniture and office spaces and finds innovative ways to update them to align with your brand guidelines. Through Blended Design, ROF creatively combines new or remanufactured office furniture pieces with your existing furniture to create a cohesive and dynamic workspace that truly reflects your brand. By blending your existing pieces with new and remanufactured office furniture, we can infuse new life into your space, elevate your brand image, and create a workspace that functions efficiently and stylishly.

This approach to office furniture design recognizes that you don’t always need to start from scratch to achieve a new look. Instead, Blended Design helps you maximize the value of your existing furniture pieces while incorporating new and remanufactured furniture pieces that complement your brand identity. Choosing Blended Design is the most sustainable way to save money and reduce your CO2 footprint because you’re not pulling brand-new furniture out of the factory every few years.

By reimagining your existing workspace with Blended Design, you can create a truly unique and functional space that effectively communicates your brand identity to your clients and employees.

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The Blended Design Process


Assessment & Planning

We begin by consulting with you to  understand your requirements, budget, and any sustainability goals you may be pursuing. We assess your current office layout, the traffic flow, and overall space utilization, then evaluate the condition of your existing office furniture to determine what items can be reused or remanufactured and what will be new office furniture pieces.


Design & Procurement

We incorporate a holistic approach in the design phase that aligns with your vision, branding, style, space efficiency, and budget considerations. We present design options using 2D or 3D visuals, and make necessary revisions until the final design is approved.


Delivery & Installation

Once the design is approved, we coordinate delivery schedules, manage logistics, and ensure a smooth transition from the current office furniture to the new blended design. We handle dismantling, moving, installing, and reconfiguring the office furniture, ensuring everything is arranged correctly and meets our client’s specifications.


Take the next step towards a sustainable future and incorporate ROF’s remanufactured office furniture into your workspace. Click here to request a quote  or call 877-763-4400 to speak with a sales associate.