New Haworth Office Furniture

Buy Remanufactured Haworth Furniture for a Great Looking Office

When you’re in the market for office furniture, you want something that looks great and lasts for years. Haworth office furniture boasts top-of-the-line construction and elegant design, and here at ROF we are proud to offer you the best selection of used office furniture from the Haworth brand. Whether you need a hundred chairs or two-thousand chairs, ROF can help you with your office furnishing needs.

Our large selection of remanufactured and gently used Haworth office furniture includes:

  • Seating – computer chairs, desk chairs, and ergonomic chairs in a variety of fabrics, leather, or mesh
  • Storage space – including small or large file cabinets, in wood or metal, to protect your important files and documents.
  • Desks – various shapes and sizes to fit any office, in many different colors and wood finishes to match your taste
  • And much more

With the Haworth name comes gorgeous furniture you can trust to last. ROF is proud to have thousands of remanufactured Haworth office furniture in stock and ready to outfit your office.

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From Haworth Office Chairs To Desks

Whether you’re outfitting an entirely new office building or adding to an existing setup, ROF can help you with high-quality Haworth office furniture – from Haworth office chairs to desks. Our used furniture is inspected by our technicians and made to fit our strict standards for look, feel, and function. Plus, our Haworth office furniture panels also come in refurbished configuration, in which they are returned to a like-new condition while still being sold at a fraction of the price of actual new panels.

Haworth Cubicles: Efficient Workstations

Haworth cubicles for workstations can help you improve the efficiency of your office with quality products designed for durability. These workstations are available used at ROF, and you can customize your remanufactured workstations to match your existing décor with the following touches:

  • New panel fabric
  • Metal or wood frames painted in the color you choose
  • A variety of wood finishes for you to choose from, including oak, cherry, mahogany, and others
  • Cubicle accessories, including file pedestals

Setting up multiple Haworth cubicle workstations in a large area can help you fit a large number of employees into a limited space. Even a small area can be efficiently compartmentalized to afford your employees the space and privacy they need to perform at their best.

Floor-to-ceiling panels, modular walls, and partitions are also available if you’d like to create enclosures in spaces where dividing walls and doors are scarce. Employees that routinely handle confidential documents or assist with legal or personnel issues will appreciate the added protection from prying eyes and ears. You can also use thicker panels to minimize noise in areas with heavy phone traffic, including call center, telemarketing, and technical support areas.

Premium Chairs: Remanufactured Haworth Desk Chairs and More!

Reimagine Office Furnishings has a wide selection that can suit a variety of office needs. These chairs feature exceptional craftsmanship with the latest ergonomic technology, ensuring your employees will experience maximum comfort while accomplishing daily tasks.

ROF has a number of popular models of used Haworth chairs, including Haworth Desk chairs and more… such as:

  • LOOK task chairs
  • Prescott executive chairs
  • Improv guest chairs
  • Tempo lounge chairs
  • Tally tandem chairs
  • Penelope stack chairs
  • K700 stools
  • And more
HaworthChairWS 6421 FNL | ROF Inc

Zody Chairs

The popular Haworth Zody chair is a combination of Haworth’s well-known quality and new-age ergonomic technology. ROF can make buying your Zody easy with our huge selection and courteous customer service. We stock a wide variety of chairs from the popular Zody product line, and our staff can help you make the right choice based on your needs and budget.

When you buy your Haworth Zody from ROF, you’ll be enjoying some of these incredible features: A cutting-edge profile brought to you by Germany’s ITO design

  • Passive pelvic support
  • Asymmetrical lumbar support
  • High-quality construction consisting of glass-reinforced nylon and cast aluminum

These elements helped Zody earn an American Physical Therapy Association endorsement and Cradle to Cradle™ Gold product certification by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC). With praise like that, Zody has become one of the most popular office chairs available today.

We can help reimagine your space using remanufactured Haworth products

Used Haworth Office Furniture

ROF is proud to offer both refurbished and used Haworth office furniture at drastically discounted prices. One of the best office furniture manufacturers in the world, Haworth is known for their clean lines and innovative engineering.

Superiorly beautiful and durable, used Haworth furniture from ROF offers the quality and aesthetic appeal of Haworth with the low, discounted prices of ROF. Plus, with your used Haworth office furniture purchase from ROF we include our helpful and professional cubicle layout and design services to help you set up your work environment in the most productive way possible.

When you invest in the Haworth brand, you know you are getting a great piece of office furniture. However, sometimes top-of-the-line furniture doesn’t fit into your budget. At ROF, we believe that you deserve to get the best furniture at a great price, which is why we stock a variety of used Haworth computer chairs for you and your employees to enjoy. After all, your computer chair should be as comfortable as possible, which is why purchasing a top brand at a discounted price is a great idea.

Used furniture from ROF are meticulously refurbished using Haworth office furniture parts. So whether you’re getting a Haworth standing desk or office chairs, you know you’re in for amazing quality. 

Call ROF today to see how we can help you with used Haworth furniture.

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