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Optimize Efficiency and Comfort: Call Center Office Furniture Design Solutions

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The proper network of call center office furniture is an important component of any business that provides customer service or support via the telephone. You want the employees who handle these phone calls to be adequately accommodated so that they can be at their most productive. That means outfitting them with call center cubicles that provide a private work environment and a durable workspace. Fortunately, ROF possesses a massive inventory that is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.

Our company has a selection of call center office design furniture that is capable of meeting any demand, from large corporate operations to local community offices. And because our customers come from a wide variety of business sizes, we make it a point to offer furniture that is either new, used, or refurbished so that we can accommodate any size budget. Our pre-owned items are available at a significant savings compared to original retail value, without having to sacrifice quality.

Discover Leading Manufacturer Call Center Cubicles

Our call center cubicles combine ergonomic designs with contemporary aesthetics, creating an environment that boosts productivity and reflects professionalism. Elevate your team’s performance with our thoughtfully curated collection, tailored to suit your unique needs and preferences, and take your call center to new heights of success. 


The call center cubicles and furnishings at ROF come exclusively from the industry’s finest manufacturers, including:

  • Herman Miller
  • Teknion
  • Steelcase
  • Allsteel
  • Global
  • Haworth
  • And more
Plus, our team puts each item in our inventory through a rigorous two-phase inspection process. We examine our furniture for structural security and aesthetic appearance; once, when it arrives and then again, before it is shipped away, so you can rest assured that your items will be perfect upon delivery.

Explore our call center cubicles collection.

For more information on the selection of call center office furniture available in our current inventory, contact ROF today to speak with an office furniture expert. We will be happy to provide any product details you require about this or any other products we have available, including office partition systems which are perfect for creating cubicle privacy.

Let us know you need an inspired call center for your space.

Looking for modern call center office designs for maximum efficiency?

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